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The Sentinel

Coming Soon...

A Sci-Fi point and click adventure.

On a far out secret space station a lab patient awakens, with no memory of his past or who he is . He is suddenly faced with immediate danger, as the space station is under attack.

Our hero must escape before the station succumbs to the enemy attack and start on a journey to discover who he is are and why he came to be awoken in that laboratory.


  • Over 75 different areas to explore

  • An immersive sci-fi mystery.

  • Packed full of puzzles with multiple solutions.

  • Optional puzzles - learn more about the galaxy at your own pace.

  • Meet an assortment of humans and aliens from all over the galaxy

Inspired by the Sierra classics such as Space Quest and Kings Quest


Star Commander - The Sentinel © 2019-2021 Steve Coyle & Morphic Interactive.
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